Scaling carbon removal

An interactive look at the challenges of scaling up CDR and how we can use cost curves to gauge how expensive different approaches might be. →

Buying down the cost of carbon removal

Looking at the effect financial risk plays in determining the end price per ton of CDR and how we can lower this. →

Brief notes on CDR energy use    

Some quick notes on energy use in carbon removal. Started off as a kJ/mol to kWh/t converter (which is still there). →

How much should you utilise a DAC plant?

An interactive look at which utilisation level is best for DAC plants and why optimising on tons of CO₂ removed may, at the moment, be the worng metric. →

How solar energy became cheap

Notes on Greg Nemet's book on how solar energy became so cheap. →

Could we use AMCs for green steel?

Can advance market commitments help accelerate the transition to green steel and which approaches should we use them on? →

The past, present, and future of climate investing series:

Part 1 - winners of the first wave

What companies and technologies actually did well in the first wave of cliamte investing and what can we learn from their success? →

Part 2 - losers and lessons

What companies or technologies failed to do well in the first wave of climate investing + broader lessons from that era. →

Part 3 - Changing trends

What has changed this time around that would make climate investing different from what happened the first time? →